Pretty Useless

Whilst thinking of what else I could make eggs out of, our collective was starting to come together by bringing in some different materials to start a making process. One material that nearly everyone bought in was wool. I had previously made a wool and glue egg (image 1) so decided to try knitting. It tied in with my interest in the domestic and would give me something to do whilst our group was finding its feet.

After the first egg I wasn’t really happy with the shape of the egg white so I tried again… and again, and again. It became apparent that I would never make the perfect egg but the continuous and repetitive action of knitting multiple eggs, one after the other became the most prominent part of the work. The final objects (eggs) can be handled separately, stacked together (image 2) and dotted around a room to cause subtle interruptions.

Image 1 : Wool, PVA glue, acrylic paint 13/3/18
Image 2 : Knitted eggs on pretty useless chair 7/11/18

The chair was found abandoned and slightly broken. I started to weave wool around the back poles to soften the chair.

I didn’t necessarily fix the chair as it was still wobbly, but I just sort of added a useless decoration. This is definitely a developing theme where I take something useful that actually serves a purpose in everyday (often domestic) life and making it so it might look “nicer” but is functionally pretty useless.

Pretty useless chair 6/11/18

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