Spaghetti experiments

A classic childhood activity of potato printing naturally made me consider what other foods I could use to print with.  I thought spaghetti would create some interesting shapes and patterns but it would need to be dry in order to be able to paint onto it. I cooked a load of spaghetti and left some to dry in piles then with the rest i mixed them into paint and left them to dry

Piles of cooked spaghetti on foil
Semi dried cooked spaghetti
Wet yellow spaghetti
Dried yellow spaghetti

There was just one issue I had overlooked, which was the fact that food goes mouldy. In hindsight, I left the spaghetti too long to dry as I would have been able to print with it when it was semi dry and before it had grown mould. I might try this again in the future with the knowledge I have now. On the other hand, the spaghetti covered in paint was quite successful even though it only lasted a week before it started visibly growing mould.

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