Flower Hand people

As a child I drew loads of these ‘flower hand people’ on post it notes using a green felt tip and black ink pen. The only reason I have such a strong memory of these drawings is because my parents thought they were great and my dad kept them and had them pinned on his office wall. Revisiting these I found the repetition fascinating and wanted to try and recreate them.

Original flower hand people

Turns out it is actually quite hard to draw like a child when you’ve spent most of your life trying to draw more realistically. Anyway I found it very relaxing and got into a rhythm.


Accidental Art

Collection of acrylic paint (side 1)
Collection of acrylic paint (side 2)

In the process of tidying my room I found an old ziplock bag that I had started to collect bits of dried up acrylic paint in. When I pulled it out I realised the pieces had all stuck together to form a solid yet fragile block.